Digital Curation Fundamentals (English Edition) por Jody L. DeRidder

Digital Curation Fundamentals (English Edition) por Jody L. DeRidder

Titulo del libro : Digital Curation Fundamentals (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 15, 2018
Autor : Jody L. DeRidder
Número de páginas : 169
Editor : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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Jody L. DeRidder con Digital Curation Fundamentals (English Edition)

Websites and digital news stories disappear daily; researchers can’t access their own data for reuse; students don’t know how to make their work last for the next 10 years. Knowledge is built on previously gathered information, but what happens when that information is no longer accessible? And where does the librarian fit into this picture? This book describes the basic steps of data curation, in clear easy-to-follow language, and clarifies the many potential roles that a librarian can play to help make our information future viable for generations to come.

Digital Curation Fundamentals is for the average librarian who wants to help save knowledge for future use, but knows little-to-nothing about digital curation or how it fits with their jobs. This book is also for administrators who need to stay on top of things but don’t yet have a good grasp on the purpose and scope of digital curation and how central it is to the future of librarianship. Additionally, this book is a reference handbook for those who are involved in digital curation in some form but who need the context to know how their work fits into the big picture, and what comes next. This book takes a straight-forward, commonsense approach to a complex problem, and portrays the challenges and opportunities in an approachable conversational style which lowers the bar to include those with little to no technical expertise.

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