Cowboy Ninja Viking por Vv.Aa

Cowboy Ninja Viking por Vv.Aa

Titulo del libro : Cowboy Ninja Viking
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 2, 1900
Autor : Vv.Aa
Número de páginas : 1
ISBN : 1534306447
Editor : Diamond Distributors

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Vv.Aa con Cowboy Ninja Viking

SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING CHRIS PRATT (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World). This giant, oversized, deluxe trade paperback collects the entire run of the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite series, complete with extensive extras & bonus material. It started with Dr. Sebastian Ghislain-rogue psychotherapist / covert op / DJ. Tasked with creating a counterintelligence unit, he turned to those long thought useless to society: patients with multiple personality disorder. These agents became known simply as Triplets. Misguided? Yeah. Impractical? Sure. But did it work? Absolutely not! Now someone has located each Triplet and created a band of ridiculously disturbed but highly effective assassins. Our only hope? A Triplet known as Cowboy Ninja Viking. We are so screwed!

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